Alice Rose Turner grew up in Chapel Hill, got her BFA in Acting (and a minor in French) from Elon University, spent some time in Raleigh, lived in New York, and then happily settled back in Durham. Recent credits include: Welcome to the Fall (The Motor Company); Splendid Adventurers' Club (Everyday Inferno); Breathing Corpses (Christine Zagrobelny); Nadia (preposterous pictures); The Comedy of Errors (Bare); The Innocents (Commonwealth Endeavours); Romeo and Juliet (Koka Booth Amphitheater); Titus Andronicus (Delta Boys); Nathan the Wise (Deep Dish); and My Name Is Rachel Corrie (Burning Coal). For LG Pig: (Actor) What Every Girls Should Know, The New Colossus, Maccountant.

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