Caitlin was raised in Raleigh and has lived in Minnesota, Brazil, and Spain. Recent acting credits include: The Nether (Manbites Dog); Love and Information, Mac, Iphigenia Crash Land Falls on the Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart (Delta Boys); Amadeus (Leviathan); Measure Back (Duke Performances); Nadia (preposterous pictures); Spoonface Steinberg, Dark Vanilla Jungle (Burning Coal).


Upcoming: (Actor) Orlando (Delta Boys); Dutchman (Black Ops).


For LGP: (Actor) Maccountant, And the Ass Saw the Angel, hmlt, Tarantino’s Yellow Speedo, The Man Who Was Thursday; (Co-director) Four Novels; (Costume Design) Celebration; (Assistant Stage Manager) The Wooster Group’s Diary of Anne Frank, Derklöwnschpankeneffekt.

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