Dana (Managing Director) is a graduate of the American Repertory Theatre/Moscow Art Theatre Institute for Advanced Theater Training and has performed across the U.S., Russia, Italy, and Germany. Credits include: brooms (both hands), The Man Who, The Fall to Earth, The Pillowman, an oak tree, Dying City, Age of Arousal, Nightwork, Cape Disappointment (Manbites Dog), The Turn of the Screw, God of Carnage, Other Desert Cities (Theatre Raleigh). She recently directed Annapurna for Honest Pint. For LG Pig: (Actor) Ohio Impromptu, Come and Go, Cabaret Berlin, Three Sisters (on Ice), Grand Guignol, In the Doghouse: The Execution of Dostoevsky, A Streetcar Named Desire, Europe Central, Fistful of Love, Goin’ a Buffalo, Virginia Woolf’s The Waves, Picasso’s Closet, Jane Eyre, 4.48 Psychosis, Stroke/Book, Jade City Chronicles Vol. 1, Glass, The Birthday Party, Donald, Richie, The Wooster Group’s Diary of Anne Frank, The Man Who Was Thursday, Celebration, hmlt, The Emotions of Normal People, The New Colossus; (Director) Rough for Radio I, Faith Healer, Grand Guignol, My Lovely Suicides, A Dog From Hell, The Italian Actress, Harriet Jacobs, And the Ass Saw the Angel; (Costume Design) The Cherry Orchard, A Streetcar Named Desire, Fistful of Love; (Stage Manager) Happy Days.

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