We are one of a handful of theater companies shifting to PATREON's style of fundraising for artists. This is a huge moment for us and arts organizations in general.


BRIEFLY, here's how it works: Patrons invest in the company on a monthly basis in exchange for creative rewards. For example: swag, tickets, a beer brewed in your name... HERE'S THE BEST PART: Artists who create rewards for our patrons get paid to do so. Yay!


What does this mean for LGP? We could sustain the company throughout the year instead of going from black to red with each production AND prevent donor fatigue: writing a check once a year for $100 can be hard. Asking that same donor to invest the cost of a latte every month for a year is much easier and they get cool stuff in return!


Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern is a 501c3 organization. All donations/pledges are tax deductible.






Other ways to donate:


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2) Click here to get setup with Amazon Smile and Amazon will donate a portion of each purchase to LG Pig


3) Send a check payable to Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern to:


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