J Evarts is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill. Born in Vermont, her life has taken her to the Seattle area, Tampa, Chapel Hill, Long Island, and, thankfully, back to the Triangle. Acting credits include White People (StreetSigns); Ten by Ten in the Triangle 2006 (Carrboro ArtsCenter); piece~meal, the parent project (both hands theater); Act a Lady, Now You See Me, Spirits to Enforce, The Open House (Manbites Dog); Many Moons, Contractions (Common Wealth Endeavors); 1*9*5*6 Degrees of Separation, Now Boarding, Uncle Sam Wants You (Killian Manning/No Forwarding Address). J also appears in the short films Anyuta and Shelter and plays the title role in preposterous pictures’ Nadia. For LG Pig: (Actor) Ohio Impromptu, Virginia Woolf’s The Waves, Jane Eyre, Donald, The New Colossus, The Changeling.

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