Mick has directed several times for the the annual 10 x 10 festival at the Carrboro Arts Center, and appeared in multiple other productions with Shakespeare and Originals, Dog and Pony Show, Burning Coal, Raleigh Ensemble Players, Deep Dish, and ​others​.


For Manbites Dog: The Nether, Paris 76, One Little Word, Neighborhood 3 (Requisition of Doom), The Overwhelming, At the Vanishing Point, Deer Hunting with Jesus, an oak tree (Actor), Blackbird (Director).


For LPG:​ (Actor)​ The Italian Actress, Faith Healer, Three Sisters (On Ice), In the Doghouse (The Execution of Dostoevsky), Rough for Theatre I, Rouge et Noir, Grand Guignol​;​ (​Director​) The Island, Derklownschpankeneffekt, Treatbag​.

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