Shelby has been working as a stage manager, sound designer, and actor in Durham theater since 2010 and became the Executive Director of Common Ground Theatre in the summer of 2015. Acting credits include A Trailer Park Christmas, Chamber Music (Common Ground); Paris 76 (Manbites Dog); Sound design credits include Six Degrees of Separation, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, A Taste of Honey, Harold & Maude (Ghost & Spice); Many Moons, Bully Boy, Elevator/Contractions (Common Wealth); The Chairs (Common Ground); Spirits To Enforce, I and You (Manbites Dog). Selected Stage Management credits include Freight (Street Signs); Six Degrees of Separation, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Harold & Maude (Ghost & Spice); Spirits To Enforce (Manbites Dog). For LG Pig: (Actor) hmlt, And The Ass Saw The Angel, The Emotions of Normal People; (Stage Manager) Glass, Donald, The Wooster Group’s Diary of Anne Frank, Celebration.

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LGP's 2016-17 season is supported by the Durham Arts Council's Annual Arts Fund and the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources. All events are accessible to people with disabilities.