An original devised dancetheaterwerk


December 3-19, 2015


Presented by Little Green Pig in association with UNC Department of Communications


One family feels the agony and ecstasy of life under the experiment-in-living that was the German Democratic Republic. Love affairs, betrayals and sex with Stasi agents populate this originalmovementtheaterwerk by Durham's bad kids of contemporary performance.



Michael Palm, Samantha Rahn, Lazarus Simmons, Miyuki Su, Steve Tell, Katharine Whalen, Dale Wolf, Liam O’Neill, Jessica Flemming, Shelby Hahn, Jessica Hudson, Alex Maness, Dana Marks, Nancy Merlin, Emma Nadeau


Stage Managed by Mara Thomas


Directed by

Jaybird O'Berski, Tony Perucci & Nicola Bullock


Photos by Alex Maness

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