September 2017


The world premiere of a play by Mara Thomas. Read the interview with director Caitlin Wells HERE.


"In and of itself, a woman being real is political. And to have nine women onstage being real, playing intense music and getting gross and being aggressive, feels, again, like a really political act."


-Director Caitlin Wells



Four young punk rockers tumble out of the van in the early '80s. With no rules and no road map, they navigate the beer- and piss-stained music scene of their youth as well as their lives and legacy
20 years later.


Featuring Drina Dunlap, Nelle Dunlap, Maxine Eloi, Jessica Hudson, Maggie Lea, Dana Marks, Meredith Sause, Alice Rose Turner & Steven G. Cooper


Directed by Caitlin Wells

Stage Managed by Jessica Flemming

Musical Direction by

William Dawson & Owen Fitzgerald

Designed by Kim Black

Photos by Kim Black, Alex Maness, Michael Gorman, and Erin Bell


Performed at:

Slim's (Raleigh): Aug 31 - Sept 2

Nightlight (Chapel Hill): Sept 7-9

Pinhook (Durham): Sept 14-16


Old punks never die.
They just stand in the back.



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